【作曲家】藤田 崇文 FUJITA Takafumi 【 Composer. Music Producer 】


CDは、藤田崇文指揮×札幌交響楽団「伊福部昭トリビュート春の音楽祭」が、レコ芸 “特選盤・優秀録音”にW選出され、アマゾン、タワレコ売上1位を記録。故郷・北海道帯広には自作曲「光と風の大地」スコアと共に銅板記念碑が建立され、北海道とかち観光大使を務める。

2012年 和光市民文化センター館長に招聘され就任。2016年から東京音楽大学学長特任補佐(作曲指揮専攻)に就任し、大学での教鞭と後進の育成にも力を注いでいる。



● 主な役職歴
埼玉県 和光市民文化センター〈サンアゼリア〉館長
サンアゼリア フィルハーモニカ 創立者& 芸術監督
東京音楽大学 学長特任補佐(作曲指揮専攻)
C.Bechstein Japan Piano(ベヒシュタイン)コンサートプロデューサー

● 主な社会活動
北海道とかち観光大使/日本打楽器協会 理事/北海道作曲家協会 理事/
八ヶ岳「北杜国際音楽祭」プロデューサー 他、

● 免許・資格
教員免許状 [中学校(音楽)/高等学校(音楽)]

【 Takafumi Fujita 】Composer / Music Producer

A native of Obihiro, Hokkaido, Takafumi Fujita completed the advanced course of Composition, with Akira Ifukube and Sei Ikeno. During his academic year, he won the position of guest Percussionist with the Nagoya Philharmonic and later became Principal Timpanist of the Chubu Philharmonic until 2006. He appeared as a substitute Percussionist with orchestras all over Japan and served as the general manager of Japan Percussion Festival. These orchestral experiences influenced his composition, arrangement and concert producing works and received numerous recognition.

Since 2006, he focused on composition, arrangement and concert producing works. He corroborated over 1800 concerts and worked with Das Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra and his arrangements for ensemble group, Orchestra, artists are more than 350 works. Besides recording works of TV and commercial music, his works are widely published. He produced not only domestic concerts but also international festivals.

Takafumi became Director of Wako Civic Culture Center, Sun Azalea Hall, in Saitama when he was 42 years old and established the professional orchestra: “Sun Azalea Philharmonica” with Maestro Jun-ichi Hirokami as music director. He produced more than 80 concerts from chamber to orchestra concerts at Suntory hall. As the Director of the Civic Culture Center, he implemented concerts and events, hosting the 1st named “Japanese song competition for singers”, the 1st Collection Exhibition of The Museum Of Modern Art, Saitama (Kaleidoscope of Beauty), which had more than 5,500 visitors and still remains famous today.

Takafumi was appointed Assistant President (Composition and Conductor department) at Tokyo College of Music at the age of 46 and enthusiastically dedicated his talent to his students. His hometown, Obihiro city, Hokkaido built the sheet music copper monument of his composition, “the land of light and wind.”

【Takafumi Fujita official webstite】
【Takafumi Fujita Facebook】

History of the positions
The director of Wako Civic Culture Center, Sun Azalea Hall, in Saitama
The founder and artistic director of “Sun Azalea Philharmonica”
Assistant President (Composition and Conductor department) at Tokyo College of Music
C.Bechstein Japan Piano Concert Producer

Main social activities
Sightseeing ambassador of Tokachi city, Hokkaido
The board of directors of Japan Percussion Association
The board of directors of Hokkaido Composer Association
The producer of Yatsugatake Hokuto international music festival
Approved as many of director of artistic and musical committee and jury of competitions

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